The coronavirus pandemic does not seem to slow down. Many sectors, such as  trade, entertainment, hotel and catering industry are deeply affected. More and more employers are willing to use remote working, thus some professions will never be the same. However, there is a bunch of professions which, even during social quarantine, have a great deal of work to offer.

UWV has prepared an overview with the list of vacancies which are difficult to fill. Perhaps it may influence your decision about changing profession or retraining.

Highly desirable

To begin with, if you are currently looking for a job, you shouldn’t give up. There is still a chance that you will find something suitable for you. Even in times of pandemic there are many companies which are looking for both qualified and unqualified workers. Among the most specialized professions who can find  a good placement in the labor market threatened by the coronavirus, those related to construction, automotive, industry and energy sector seem to do quite well.

The professions which are often in demand include: CNC millers/turners, sandblasters, carpenters, form-work carpenters, welders, fitters, machine operators (also in food industry), tilers, roofers, glaziers, electricians, electrical installation technicians, crane operators etc.

Luckily, OrangeJobs is one of a few employment agencies on the Dutch market which specializes mainly in the technical, metal and logistic sector and above–mentioned job vacancies are frequently open. Thus, there is a strong possibility that at OrangeJobs you find perfect job for yourself.

It is worth mentioning that other sectors actively looking for workers are those related to the health world and education. In fact, there is shortage of qualified nurses, physician assistants, and caretakers at nursing homes, as well as experienced teachers. The shortage of staff is especially noticeable in times of pandemics, as it is very difficult to find any replacement. Market forecasts estimate that demand for these professions will significantly increase.

Less potential

Before the pandemic, there was a limited number of occupations in which the chances of finding a job were diminishing. These professions still do not offer good prospects. Although it is very difficult to find work in these professions, it is not impossible.

These occupations include, above all, administrative jobs, primary school pedagogical workers, social workers or workers in the cultural sector. Employees in these professions are recommended to look for alternative employment.

Least potential

Unfortunately, some industries are suffering the most from the coronavirus pandemic. Entertainment, transport, logistic, recreation, hotel and catering industry are the ones with the greatest number of dismissals. Workers in these sectors should think of employment  alternatives because market predictions are not very promising.

It seems that many people will need to retrain or find less-desirable job in order to make end s meet.  However, OrangeJobs has a great number of reliable, long–standing customers, who even in times of pandemic are looking for qualified employees.

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