Message to our employees

Dear colleague,

The coronavirus outbreak has a major impact on the world, the country, all layers of the population and all sectors. This also applies to us and the work we do for clients in metal, technology, production and logistics.

Your health is our priority no 1

That is why we have taken stricter hygiene measures at work and in our houses. In addition, we are in constant coordination with our clients about the continuation of work that can be done in safety and we keep a close eye on the situation through RIVM (National Institute for Health and Environment) and the Dutch government.

The Dutch government has advised working from home when there is an opportunity to do so. We do not have this opportunity because we perform physical work. Work that is of great importance today, for example, if you work in the production or logistics sector, so that all shops and supermarkets remain stocked.

Coordination with clients

In consultation with our clients, we determine for each of our employees whether the work can be continued in safety and with sufficient distance from each othet. When the activities are scaled down, we will inform you personally about the consequences. When the work can be continued in safety, we expect you on the agreed working days and times.

Hygiene measures

None of our employees have symptoms of the coronavirus. If you get respiratory complaints and / or fever, we request you to contact your account manager, your family doctor and company doctor by phone.

Your health is our top priority, which is why we re-emphasize the following stricter hygiene measures to apply in your house and at work:
• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or hand gel (with alcohol)
• Cough and sneeze inside the elbow
• Use tissue paper and throw it away immediately after use in the trash
• Avoid contact with sick people (including cough, nose colds, sore throat or pneumonia)
• Do not shake hands and limit other direct contact
• Clean your home regularly (especially door handles, light knobs, banisters and taps)
• Take at least 1,5 meters distance from each other
• Contact your account manager before going to work with health complaints

Additional measures

In addition to the above measures, these additional measures were announced on Monday 23 March:
• Stay at home as much as possible. Go outside only for work, groceries or to take care of others.
• You can get a breath of fresh air, but do not do this in a group (no more than 3 people).
• Always keep a distance from others, at least 1,5 meters and avoid social activities and groups of people.
• The following also applies at home: a maximum of 3 people visiting and therefore keep the minimum distance of 1,5 meters
• A housemate with a cold, cough, sore throat and fever? Everyone stays at home as a precaution.
• All meetings with a licensing obligation are prohibited until June 1, even with less than 100 people, and will be postponed of canceled
• The government takes strict action and the fines will be high if these measures are violated.
• Contact your account manager before going to work with health complaints

Measures OrangeJobs

On the basis of these stricter government measures, OrangeJobs has taken the following additional measures until further notice:
We have agreed with all our clients that it is ensured that every employee is able to keep a distance of at least 1,5 meters from colleagues at work.

We have optimized our housing and the occupancy in our housing in such a way that in all situations the minimum distance of 1,5 meters between people can be guaranteed.

When an employee suffers from a cold, cough, sore throat and fever, they must isolate themselves in their own room. They contact their account manager by telephone and when complaints increase with the doctor. The housemates who are not ill should provide the sick housemate with the basic necessities of life (such as food), whereby contact with the sick housemate should be avoided.

Until further notice receiving visitors in our homes is prohibited.

We will pay extra attention to cleaning our homes. When the cleaner comes to clean the house, everyone should temporarily leave the house.

Finally, we emphasize your own responsibility to observe your personal hygiene and also the joint responsibility with regard to the hygiene in the homes. Clean the door handles, light knobs, banisters and taps daily.

Travel advice

Many countries are taking further measures at this moment to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. Among other things by introducing travel restrictions (for example closing national borders). Because OrangeJobs often work with foreign workers we often get questions from them about the possibility of travelling from the Netherlands to their home country and vice versa.

The measures taken by countries in the field of travelling are different and the situation can (quickly) change. For more information and current updates we refer you to the national government in the Netherlands using this link. Besides it is also good to keep an eye on developments in your home country.

Questions? We are at your service

Do you have any questions reading this post? Then we are at your service day and night. You can reach us on working days during the day at 0294 – 28 70 27 or at any time via the direct mobile number of your account manager.

Kind regards,

Jean-Marc Langerak
Director OrangeJobs Uitzendbureau